Bum Theary Human Resources Theary aka Edgar Allan Flow D Teknics Merk aka Penjamin Franklin

Bum Theary

Providing Social Awareness, Hip-Hop Music, Production/Organization/Promotion of Non-Profit Music & Art Events, Flyer Design, Photography and More.

A Human Movement!

“Body Inhabited By Conscious Spirit, Birthed to Battle the Physical Nature of Its Chosen Vessel in a World Corrupted and Set for Self Destruction. Forgetting Our Simplest Yet Strongest Common Trait, the Trait that Binds Us In Human Connection. In All that We Build, Only Through Unification Can We Manifest that Which Is Truly Worth Building.” Theary aka Edgar Allan Flow

Human Resources

A Dallas, Texas based Hip Hop Triple Threat Combination Comprised of Two Emcees, Theary aka Edgar Allan Flow (Flint,Mi.), Merkury aka Penjamin Franklin (Atlanta,Ga.) and One Seasoned Practitioner of Turntablism, DJ D Teknics (Ft. Worth,Tx.) representing the banners of Bum Theary and Tru Skool Kollective. Together, they formulate a unique sound composed of aggressive but fashioned styles crafted in conscious lyrical content. They each bring their own elements to the group, brewed and mixed to produce a truly powerful chemistry. With plenty of experience, they have a stage presence and interactive delivery that commands the crowds attention, guaranteed to rock the show.

Theary aka Edgar Allan Flow

Emcee, Poet, Photographer, Writer, Non-Profit Music/Art Event Planner/Promoter, Internet Radio Show Co-Producer/Co-Host, Flyer Designer, Graphic Designer, Music Producer, Philosopher, Student, Teacher, Motivator, Mover and Shaker. Born 1978 in Flint, Michigan, re-located to Irving, Texas in 1991. Since then he has lived all over the metroplex, calling DFW his home.

D Teknics

Turntablist, Vinylist, Recording Engineer, Live Sound, Event Planning/Booking/Promotion, Internet Radio DJ, Music Producer, BBoy, Writer, Philosopher, Student, Teacher, Motivator, Mover and Shaker. Born 1981 in Ft. Worth, Texas and raised a DFW native.

Merk aka Penjamin Franklin

Emcee, Poet, Internet Radio Show Co-Producer/Co-Host, Writer, Event Planner/Promoter, Student and Teacher. Born 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia, re-located to Flower Mound, Texas in 2002. Since then he has lived all over the metroplex calling DFW his home.

Build Bridges, Unify the People, Manifest Positive Change

30th Aug 2012

Hip-Hop Steps Up for the Kids

The Hip-Hop Community Steps Up for the Passage of Youth Community Playground Build. When I was contacted by Stephen Benavidez (Dallas Community's Organizing for Change), I had no idea what it would lead to.

30th Jan 2012
Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 4.30.59 AM

DFW Cypher “The Cut”

  I had the Honor and Pleasure of being a part of the 5th Edition of the DFW Cypher Series “The Cut”, featuring Guillotine, Romio No E (Zu Gang), Bum...

14th Mar 2014

Aberrican Me – The Ross Capicchioni Story

What Ross didn't know was that his "friend" was ambushing him in an attempt to murder him as part of his gang initiation. What followed was a horrible sequence off events that would push the boundaries of human endurance, courage and the will to survive.

04th Jan 2013
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The Unified Field – EKP Pictures

A sneak peek at some of the graphic illustrations from the upcoming visual book by Ean Pegram (artist, director, photographer).

15th Dec 2012
The Otherground Add NEWThe Other Ground Season 2 Episodes2

The Other Ground Sn. 2 Episodes 1-5

Full Length Episodes from the 2nd Season of The Other Ground. A Tru Skool Hip Hop Internet Video/Radio Show.

01st Dec 2012
TheNightH4SavedChristmasIV Flyer Front

The Night H4 Saved Christmas IV

As the holiday's draw near, a season of gift giving begins to build it's presence. The kids bundled up, lay restless in bed with thoughts of their presents. The Christmas lists are underway, of all the toys and things kids need to learn and play. In our blessings we take comfort, with love and warmth we hold close to our covers. Yet still we remember, of the children made of wish's, in their young hearts so tender. Reminded of the children who sadly go without. And of the children spending their holidays fighting illness in hospital gowns. So, each year we we gather our wits and we muster our might, hatching our plan to save yet another Christmas Night.

19th Nov 2012

Uganda Push’s for Gay Death Penalty’s

The holidays are right around the corner, for many a season of giving and sharing joy with our loved ones. In American tradition, we often take our privileges for granted and tend to stay safe in our bubbles, away from the social wars waging in foreign places. In the U.S., we have come far in the fight for equality and human rights. From civil rights issues to gay rights, just this year some states have passed laws finally allowing same sex marriage and civil unions, a sign of slow but evident progress. But across the globe, there is a season of fear and hate brewing to a boil. A reminder that all is not well in the world. Uganda’s Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has told the AP that the Kill the Gays bill will be made law before the end of 2012. Lawmakers in the country are even calling it a “Christmas gift.”

22nd Oct 2012

Mike B presents Lyricist Lounge

I have known Mike B for over a couple years now and I have witnessed his hard work, dedication and follow through first hand. From the turntables to being present in the scene supporting his comrades, not to mention volunteering his time and services for community causes. Always remaining humble and positive as he grinds his way up in the scene, regardless of his accomplishments. When I found about his new brain child, Lyricist lounge, I was curious to find out what inspired him. When we spoke on the upcoming event, he was happy to share his vision and motivation with me.

21st Oct 2012
ArtLoveMagic Workshop Flyer

ALM’s Interactive Kids Workshop

I have been blessed to be a part of ArtLoveMagic since the early stages. Beyond what I have learned from the dedicated, self-sacrificing and exceptionally talented people that make this organization a reality, I have also been able to volunteer, perform and participate in the production end of some amazing events. Developing great relationships along the way I have watched an empowering journey of powerful growth, expanding reach and positive community impact. Movements like this are by no means a dime a dozen. I consider it a pleasure, blessing and gratifying opportunity to be a part of this organization and what it represents. They have been an inspirational energy for my own growth, both, artistically and in my personal evolution. The energy cultivated and shared by the ArtLoveMagic community is a positive force well worth support, encouragement and contribution.

21st Oct 2012

Sagittarius Birthday Bash with DJ P

Tru Skool Kollective, Bum Theary and Red Goose Saloon invite you to join us for a Special Birthday Bash Saturday, December 1st. D Teknics, Turntablist and Visonary of the Tru Skool Kollective, is ready to celebrate his and the rest of his fellow Sagi's 2012 birthday in a big way. Tru Skool is taking over the Red Goose Saloon, in Ft. Worth, with a sensory overload of art, music and maximum mingle. Master of Ceremonies for the night will be Bilal (HuntingtonFray Dj's -ArlingtonTx). Custom T-Shirt Prints by: Never Under Estimate Clothing will be available for purchase (Great Christmas Gifts). There will be Body Painting by Jerod "DTox" Davies, renowned bodypainter, ranked 7th nationally NABPC2011 (Just Us League, Three of One, Jiant Nacho).

04th Oct 2012
Food Storage American Survival 101

14 Foods to Store for Emergency

We are approaching increasingly unstable times. Economic and political struggles seem to have no remedy or end in sight. Adding to that formula the unpredictable habits of nature and the...

19th Sep 2012

The Art of Rap: Pre-Screen and Outtakes

Ice-T’s documentary (and directorial debut), Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap, made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, and was later acquired by Indomina in a world rights deal. It made its...